Toronto Office

Alistair Maxwell, MBA
Chairman & CEO
Tel: 416.643.3866

Ahmad Shaath, CFA, MBA
Research Analyst
Tel: 416.507.3964

Aideen McDermott
Sales Assistant
Tel: 416.507.3956

Alana Williams
Tel: 416.643.3830

Andrew Stafford
Manager, Trade Desk Operations & Administration
Tel: 416.643.3875

Anthony Barresi
Vice President, Equity Trading
Tel: 416.643.3869

Bruce Wetherly, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
Tel: 416.643.3864

Connor Eustace
Vice President, Equity Trading
Tel: 416.643.3870

Doug Cooper, MBA
Managing Director, Head of Research
Tel: 416.643.3863

Gabriel Leung
Research Analyst, Technology
Tel: 416.507.3963

Ian Wilson
Analyst, Investment Banking
Tel: 416.364.5148

Joel Meloff
Vice President, Equity Sales
Tel: 416.507.3975

Justin Gilman, CFA
Vice President, Investment Banking
Tel: 416.643.3852

Keefer Pitfield
Managing Director, Equity Sales
Tel: 416.507.3973

Kevin Conibear
Director, Equity Sales
Tel: 416.507.3962

Kevin Heffernan, CMT
Managing Director, Head of Sales & Trading
Tel: 416.507.3961

Kim MacIntyre
Vice President, Equity Capital Markets
Tel: 416-507-3954

Mario Maruzzo, CFA
Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking
Tel: 416.643.3853

Michael Curran, CFA
Managing Director, Mining Analyst
Tel: 416.507.3950

Miriam MacDonald
Executive Admin Assistant and Accounts Payable Accountant
Tel: 416.507.3968

Moshe Ifergan, MBA, CAMS
Director, Compliance and Operations
Tel: 416.507.3974

Richie Donohue, MBA
Vice Chairman
Tel: 416.643.3868

Russell Stanley, CFA, MBA
Managing Director, Research Analyst
Tel: 416.507.3966

Ryan Noyek
Associate, Investment Banking
Tel: 416.643.3854

Sam Fergus
Associate, Investment Banking
Tel: 416.507.3971

Spencer Churchill, CFA
Research Analyst, Special Situations
Tel: 416.507.3978

Stephen Delaney
Managing Director, Investment Banking
Tel: 416.507.3965

Susan Xu
Associate, Research
Tel: 416.507.3970

Todd Johnson
Managing Director, Equity Sales
Tel: 416.507.3977

Umar Ilyas, CFA
Managing Director, Equity Sales
Tel: 416.507.3959

Halifax Office

Jeff Harpell
Manager, Compliance
Tel: 902.442.8246

Kevin Kerr
Vice President, Fixed Income
Tel: 902.492.0689

Lei Dai, CFA
Associate, Fixed Income
Tel: 902.423.1260

Richard Withington
Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income
Tel: 902.492.0656

Calgary Office

Kirk Wilson, CFA
Managing Director, Research Analyst (Energy)
Tel: 403.910.5379

Montreal Office

Alain Pelletier
Vice President, Fixed Income
Tel: 514.748.9300