Rating System

Beacon’s research recommendations are based on the following scheme:

  • Buy
    Total 12-month return expected to be >15%
  • Speculative Buy
    Potential total 12-month return is high (>15%), but given elevated risk, investment could result in a material loss
  • Hold
    Total 12-month return expected to be between 0% and 15%
  • Sell
    Total 12-month return expected to be negative

Our target prices are based on a 12-month investment horizon.

As at December 31, 2019 our distribution of targets are as follows:

Rating # of Companies Distribution
Buy 62 72.9%
Speculative Buy 8 9.4%
Hold 3 3.5%
Sell 0 0.0%
Under Review 11 12.9%
Tender 1 1.2%
Total 85 100%

Beacon research is available to approved users via the following link:
Beacon Research Archive
We also make our research available to Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Factset.