We are an independent global investment bank, quick to engage and provide idea-driven research and solutions for emerging growth and mid-market clients around the world. Our team of integrated capital market experts will consistently meet your objectives.

225+ transactions since 2018
Institutional clients around the world served by 12 professionals
Companies under coverage
In provincial and federal government issues, totalling 500+ transactions since 2018

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We actively seek out companies across all sectors with the potential to deliver above-average returns, and we deliver timely, informative and relevant research to our clients.

Investment Banking

A top-tier independent investment bank, we bring excellence in equity underwriting and M&A advisory to our corporate clients.

Sales & Trading

Our focus is on idea generation and corporate communication. Our consistent and dedicated effort leads to a more knowledgeable investor base, improved liquidity profile and overall better share performance.

Our Global Areas of Expertise

We focus on mid-market growth companies and strive to be dominant players in all our sectors.


Oil & Gas

Clean Technology



Non-Bank Financials