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Letter to Clients

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Conflicts of Interest

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Relationship Disclosure

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Regulatory Disclosure

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Strip Bonds and Strip Bond Packages Information Statement

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Disclosure Table

As of June 30, 2024# StocksDistributionDefinition
BUY6668.0%Total 12-month return expected to be > 15%
Speculative Buy1515.5%Potential 12-month return is high (>15%) but given elevated risk, investment could result in a material loss
Hold00.0%Total 12-month return is expected to be between 0% and 15%
Sell00.0%Total 12-month return is expected to be negative
Under Review1515.5%
Tender11.0%Clients are advised to tender their shares to a takeover bid or similar offer

Complaint Management

Beacon Securities Ltd. takes all complaints seriously. We will deal with every complaint fully, objectively, and professionally.

Contact Information

If you have a complaint related to service or administrative error, please speak with your investment advisor to see if it can be resolved quickly and easily. If your investment advisor is unable to resolve your concerns, please contact:

Bruce Wetherly,Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
Beacon Securities Ltd.
66 Wellington St. West, Suite 4050
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1H1
Tel: 416.643.3864

If you have concerns about potentially improper activity (such as unauthorized trading, improper or unethical sales practices, unsuitable investment recommendations or excessive trading activity), that may or may not involve your investment advisor, please contact Beacon Securities’ Designated Complaints Officer immediately:

Bruce Wetherly, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
Beacon Securities Ltd.
66 Wellington St. West, Suite 4050
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1H1
Tel: 416.643.3864

If in doubt regarding your complaint, please contact the Designated Complaints Officer, Bruce Wetherly.

Verbal & Written Complaints

You are welcome to contact us with any type of complaint and we will endeavour to resolve the complaint immediately. If we are not able to resolve your verbal complaint immediately, we will acknowledge your complaint in writing and request that you provide and written complaint.

Written complaints will then commence an inquiry into whether the complaint is service-related or compliance-related (in the case of potentially improper activity).

  1. Service-related complaints
    Written service-related complaints may be resolved quickly and easily and we may respond verbally or in writing.
  2. Compliance-related complaints
    You will receive an acknowledgement letter for all written complaints, within 5 business days, to advise we have initiated an investigation. You will be provided with the name of the Designated Complaints Officer, and we request you do not contact other individuals in the firm once the investigation has begun. We will also provide you with information regarding various other options available to you in the event that our response is not to your satisfaction, such as arbitration, the financial industry ombudsperson service and making a complaint to the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.

    The Designated Complaints Officer will complete the regulatory reporting required, investigate the complaint and provide you with a written response, within 90 days of receiving your written complaint. This final letter to your written compliance-related complaint will provide you with a summary of your complaint, the results of our investigation, our decision (including the reasons for the decision) and a statement reminding you of the options available to you.

    During the course of the investigation, you may be contacted to request additional information. You are welcome to contact the Designated Complaints Officer to provide us with additional information and/or if you wish to inquire about the status of the investigation.

    If we expect that the investigation into your written complaint will take longer than 90 days, we will advise you in writing and provide you with an estimated completion date.
  3. Making A Complaint
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  4. CIRO Complaints Brochure
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